Elk Meados RV Park Office

Propane, Bundled wood,
& Ice for sale at office.

Checking In and Out

Check-In Time: 2:00 PM.
Check Out Time: 1:00 PM.
The office MUST APPROVE early arrivals and late departures. Plan ahead and call ahead!

Stop & Register at the Office

All guest must register upon arrival, this includes those who have paid in full, owe a balance, and visitors. No arrivals past 11:00!
The following services are available only for registered guests:
  • Showers.
  • Laundry.
  • Dump station.
  • Garbage dumpsters.
  • Hi-speed internet hot spot.

Speed Limit

The speed limit is 5 MPH - that’s right F-I-V-E! Campers who speed may be asked to leave the park. Please help us keep our children, dogs, and seniors safe!

Only 1 RV per Campsite

Motorhome, trailer, 5th wheel, popup, camper, or conversion van made for camping. Tow rig is included in the rental, extra vehicles $5.00/night fee.


Each RV may have up to 4 adults or 2 adults & 4 children; any additional person is $2.00/person per day. There are exceptions for immediate families with more children under the age of 18.


We require PAYMENT in FULL to reserve a site.

Weekend & Holidays

There is a 2-night minimum stay on weekends, and a 3-night minimum stay on holiday weekends.

Saturday Arrivals or Departures

Must pay in full and NO refund if cancelled.

Cancellations & Reservation Changes

Cancellations and reservation changes must be made THREE weeks in advance to receive a refund or avoid charges. This includes shortening your number of days staying.

No Tent Camping

Tents allowed in designated sites only and MUST accompnay an RV. Tents $20/night. This applies to roof top tents as well.


Must be on a leash at all times and owners must always pick up after their pets. Do not attach tethers to trees/ bushes, electric/water pedestals or picnic tables and do not allow them to dig holes. Dog fees do apply $2.00/pet per day.
Click here to learn more.

No Cutting, Carving, or Chopping

No cutting, carving, or chopping any brush, trees, foliage, or picnic tables. This includes sticks for roasting hot dogs or marsh mellows.


Sorry too many are causing damage to our foliage & trees.

Do Not Throw Food Out in Brush

Put all trash including food in dumpster.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am. No loud music and no generators.

Internet Hot Spot

No skype, you YouTube, video chat, or streaming of any kind.


Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children - both two legged and four legged! On foot or on bicycles!
Liability - Elk Meadows Park is not responsible for loss due to fire, wind, theft, or accident.


Campfires are allowed in fire rings only. “No Fires” signs may be posted as necessary. Extinguish fires when leaving your site. Do not bring “junk wood” into your site and leave for us to clean up! Please do not burn bottles, diapers, plastic, & cans in the fire. As the saying goes...You pack it in - You pack it out!

Firewood, Ice & Propsne for Sale

Firewood is for sale at the office. If you are bringing your own firewood, please bring pre-split clean wood only. don't bring in wood from the forest.

Picnic Tables

D not place BBQ's or anything hot on picnic tables. Picnic tables must not be moved. They are impossibly heavy for us to move back!

Fireworks & Firearms

Use of fireworks and firearms are strictly prohibited at all times.

Motorcycles & Quads

No riding allowed in the park, for ingress and egress only. No motorized vehicles on park pathways or nature trails.


These tear up our roads & create dust for our neighbor campers.


Bicycles must stay on park lanes and established trails. No skidding!


Showers, laundry, dump station, garbage dumpsters, hi-speed internet (hot spot only).

Elk Meadows is privately owned & operated, and is not responsible for loss due to fire, wind, theft, or accident. Your registration form acknowledges your agreement to our policies. Please enjoy your stay!

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